Honesty is one of the values that we have built on.

Extended Web AppTech provides full service design and development for iOS, Android, Mobile & the Web.

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Extended Web AppTech was made to make sure individuals and firms have a reliable solution provider in this digital and technological world.

Genuine Pursuit

We are driven by the will to help our clients turn their ideas and resolution into productive realities.

Innovation & Parallel Thought-process

We use our innovative ideas, our dedication to understanding technological development as it advances and the need to provide working solutions to be who we are and do what we do.

Market Tested & Continuous Integration

We ran by the objective to of working with individuals and enterprises in a way that helps them realize their ideas, validate it, get feedback from the target market, develop a production-grade solution which will in turn help with the marketing and its optimization.


Extended Web AppTech is able to meet your needs for web & mobile design, development, and strategy.

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Why Choose Us over anyone else?

As a firm in the technology industry, we strive every day to make our services up to date, reliable, efficient and of course the best that the industry has to offer. But the one thing that has kept us going and keep us connected to our client as well as with our partnership with other firms is honesty. We prefer when our services and the way we work with our partners and clients to remain as transparent as possible.

Some of the other reasons as to why we still remain at the top and your preferred go to service and solution providers in the technological development despite the challenges, can be summed up as follows.

Professional and skilled staff

Our firm is made up of staff members who understand the industry well enough to give our clients solutions that actually work. Our HTML5 developers work day and night to ensure that our application development and software are constantly updated to meet the current needs and stay at the top of the competition. When you choose us for your application management, development, marketing and analytics, you know you are in for the best and multiply productivity.


Have been created in 2013, our staff have worked with countless individuals and enterprises who had different problems that required different solutions. Dealing with these diversities and exposing our abilities to the larger digital and technological industry and beyond, we have gathered up skills, experiences and lessons that will come in handy when we are giving you solutions. With our experience, you can be sure that we are not experimenting with you. You will be in for increased productivity and better management of your business.

Fast turnaround

We are the perfect balance of between time and results. When you choose us, you don’t have to wait for a long period to get your results. Whether it is a mobile application, web development or web design is what your business or brand needs, then we got you covered within minutes. Our software developers and mobile application development team are always on stand by for such clients. Our staff member takes a short time to come up with analytics and later solutions that actually work to give you results.


We are all about honesty. Whether it is our rates in quotations or our services rendered and delivered. At Extended Web AppTech, we have always been driven and upheld honesty. This has gone a long way to cement some professional relationships with our clients and partners. And we welcome you to be part of this result-oriented circle.


We hone our skills to perfection

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