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Ways to promote your website

When you get yourself a website, it doesn’t take a snap of the fingers to get the traffic coming your way. Getting a website that represents your brand and your needs is easy, but getting people to notice your website requires proper promotion. Luckily, digital marketing in the present era of technology has made this simple by providing us with some function...

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Mobile App Store Optimization

Let’s talk about mobile application marketing. If you have been looking for tips to get your applications on the higher rank in the app store, this is your desired destination. With the countless number of mobile applications being developed every day, how exactly can you get your application to be so special and rank highly? How do you beat your competitors...

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Social Media Tips for Business

Whether you are just starting, or you are looking to grow your business social media is the quickest way to get your brand out there. Do you know why? Well, the reason is on the internet. Internet runs the world of today and social media is the driving force. and you wonder why so many businesses, firms, and brands are resulting in opening online stores. The...

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Hybrid Versus Native Development

Why Native App? The fact that native code is way faster and effective as compared to HTML and JavaScript makes the performance of native app way up the peak. The same effectivity can be seen is graphical applications, HD games as well as intensive animation applications. The inclusive standards of WebGL come in handy for faster browsing and gaming performanc...

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