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Whether what you have is an individual business or an enterprise, our products are ready to serve you. When we take you on our client list, you don’t have to wait for long to get the desired results as our ready-made products are on the go to serve you. Now you don’t have to wait long before you kickstart your journey of success. Our software and mobile application will be yours for the serving in a very short period of time. Some of the products that we have in store are:

Grocery App

This grocery mobile application is meant for both Android and IOS. The application has a ready CMS for individual grocery shops as well as multiple which makes management easier and follow up easier. This is what you get with our grocery application:

Waterman App

Waterman is the application that is used whenever you want water delivered to you. This mobile application can be used on both Android and IOS phones. It has a ready to use CMS for both individual businesses as well as multiple water dealers which makes management very easy, reliable and convenient. The application includes the following:

Restaurant App

This application has made the dining experience very easy, fun and convenience. With our restaurant application, you get to enjoy free home delivery, reservation for dine-in as well as making take away packages and facilitation easy to conduct. Our applications are designed to work exemplary well on both Android and IOS phones. They have a ready to operate CMS not only for individual restaurants but also for multiple chains of the restaurant which makes management easy and services more reliable. The application includes the following:

Hostel Management System

This is the application that makes accommodation booking and reservation easy and reliable. It works for clients in terms of students/candidates’ management, expense, staff management, bill management, and report management. The application works on both Android and IOS. It comes with a ready CMS that is perfect for individually managed hostels as well as multiples hostels. The product includes the following:

Real Estate App

With our real estate management app, you can view posted properties as per their location. The properties include details renting or selling. The app is perfect for both Android and IOS mobile phones. This as well comes with a ready CMS for both individual and multiple real estate firms. Real estate app is made with the inclusion of:

Milk Subscription App

With the milk subscription app, the user of the application is able to subscribe for dairy products. The applications are ready for both Android and IOS phones with CMS for individual companies. The application includes the following:

Beside Me App

Beside Me App makes life easier with the location of the nearby facilities like hostels, apartments and flats for sale and anything for sale. With this mobile app, the user is able to send their current location and retrieve information on what is around them. The app is supporting both Android and IOS mobile phones and is ready with CMS for individual and multiple users. It also includes the following:

Order Management App

The order management app makes in-house management of restaurants easy and manageable. The app used by waiters to take the orders of the clients which is then received in the kitchen. The application comes with the following

Service Booking App

With this application, local services like transport have never been made easy and convenient. It makes services like booking of taxis, plumber services, electrician and home service booking less of hustle and just a click away. The application includes:


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